Each and every one of us have our own disability. If we are able bodied, we are only set apart from a disabled person when their disability is visible for everyone to see. We have seen that many of the disabled people are legendary actors, politicians, musicians, athletes, artists and writers. Many of them have been able to choose a challenging public life with dignity, by defying all odds and turning the spotlight on themselves.

Year 2016 in its starting has been a limelight for KSSS as its differently-abled children participated in the District Level Competitions organized by Lions Club at Pazhuthuruthu. KSSS CBR School stood third among 32 schools. It’s an occasion of joy brought about by the hard work and perseverance of the CBR children and KSSS CBR staff. If we learn anything from these inspiring folks, it is that we should not let any disability stop us from living our lives or achieving our dreams.