Kottayam Social Service Society pioneers in Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for Persons with Disabilities in Kerala from the year 1997 in the five districts of Kerala. Since 2011 and is the State Learning Centre in Kerala for Rehabilitation Programs for the Persons with Deafblindness. KSSS works with aim to mainstream and create inclusive environment for the Persons with Disabilities by empowering the Persons with Disabilities. As Special wing of the CBR program our organization also works towards developing services for deafblind people all over Kerala and gives technical support to other organizations working in single disability for initiating services in the area of deafblindnesss with the aim to create inclusive environment for deafblind people. The Training and Rehabilitation programs for the persons with deafblind and parents are run in the Good Samaritan Resource Centre, Cherpunkal which is fully equipped to provide specialized trainings for people with deafblindness. Home based and Centre Based trainings are provided.


• Early Screening & Assessment
• Early Intervention Centre (Specialized trainings undertaken like tactile trainings, Sensory trainings, Braille training etc for persons with deafblindness)
• Therapies
• Medical Camps & Support of Assistive Devices

• Vocational Trainings
• Income Generation Programme
• Parents Trainings & Empowerment
• Trainings and Capacity Building Programs

• Advocacy & Lobbying
• Self Help Groups for Persons with Disabilities