Staff of the Kottayam Social Service Society assembled at the protest ground in Chappath, Idukki along with the representatives from the Kottayam Archeparchy and expressed their solidarity with those living in the areas under threat of Mulaperiyar Dam issue. Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, the Archbishop of Kottayam lit the lamp and passed on the flame to the other candles in a symbolic manner of unity and brotherhood for the cause of the affected.

In his speech he promised and extended the support of the Archdiocese to all the members of this peaceful protest and stated that it deserved urgent attention and action from the side of the authorities in the State and Nation in the face of a lingering threat to innumerable families in the State.

The lit candles were held up as an expression of hope – a Flame of Hope amidst a dark and difficult bout between the people of the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and also welcomed judicious and timely action from the part of authorities to save the peoples (brothers and sisters of the same nation) from unnecessary and mounting grudge.