Bee-keeping Training

People keep bees for different reasons. One can take beekeeping as a hobby. The Training was conducted by KSSS for interested villagers to clearly spell out the relationship between beekeeping and the beekeeper and thus encourage many into this income generating activity. Beekeeping is a venture that requires very small pieces of land unlike farming of other crops. Someone else does it for commercial purposes. Beekeepers are practical people and hence draw much of their conclusions from what they experience in their endeavor to learn more.Next training will be on April 26.

Mushroom Cultivation Training – Mushrooms are being used as food and medicine since time immemorial. Mushrooms have become one of the most important of all the horticultural crops. Mushroom has become a common vegetable for the population of the country. Keeping the importance of Mushrooms in mind KSSS organised training on mushroom cultivation. Next training will be on April 26.