Mrs. Mary Devasia was born with paralysis from waist below. Mobility in Life for Ms. Mary Devasia – a paraplegic hailing from a poor family in Arunootimangalam village of Kottayam District, Kerala was further restricted owing to the inexistence of a proper road for conveyance to her impoverished house.
However, Mary Devasia aged 50, did not stop at this. Same as she was able to accept her limitations as life presented, she was able to discern and act prudently to bring possible change in her circumstances and surroundings. Consequently, she was an active member of the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) project for the differently-abled being implemented by Kottayam Social Service Society.
KSSS organizes a Family get-together of its self help group members of the CBR Project annually. In the CBR Family get-together conducted on March 28, 2015, Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala was the Chief Guest and among the petitions submitted as part of Advocacy efforts, Mrs. Mary Devasia’s case was also presented. The Chief Minister inquired into the case and forwarded the Application of Mary with his own personal note to the concerned Panchayath. As a result, enquiries were conducted by officials from the Collectorate and Panchayath. Subsequently, the Panchayath took action and initiative to build a road of 200 metres length to the house of Ms. Mary Devasia.
For a paraplegic who has none other than her aunty (father’s sister) to reside with her, this road is a great solace and sign of accomplishment of CBR Project’s coordinated efforts.
With the effort of KSSS’ CBR workers, 50 applications for various purposes such as Medical aid, education aid, property aid, house maintenance etc. were forwarded on the occasion. A total of Rs. 5,00,000 was released from the Chief Minister’s Relief fund for the various purposes advocated.