Proper shelter is a basic need of every human being. There are many who do not    have proper and stable houses of their own. The health situation in many communities is alarming due to the poor sanitation facilities. Satisfaction of ones primary needs leads to the promotion of better relationships and the molding of a peaceful family. It gives way to social acceptance, self-respect and good health.  KSSS is very actively involved in housing and sanitation programmes for the poor, with the assistance of governmental and non-governmental agencies and also with help of Individuals.

Major Activities


As part of basic needs to the vulnerable section of the society, KSSS constructed 79 eco-friendly houses ie, one in each village under the operational areas of KSSS. The distribution of keys was made in a public function conducted at the Central Office at Thellakom.


As part of the Centenary House Construction Scheme 74 families got new houses. The House constructions were completed with community support received as ‘shramadhanam’ (voluntary work) from local SHG members. The financial support for the House construction was released in three stages as per the progress of the House construction. The respective Village Development Committee coordinated the community labour and monitoring of the house construction which were of low-cost and in an eco-friendly fashion.

Trainings were arranged at the central level and it was mandatory that two of the responsible family members participate in it.


As part of the Centenary Housing Programmes, KSSS involved in the repairing tumbledown houses and also focused on the improvement of water and sanitation facilities through construction of drainage systems, and provision of hygiene education to the deserving SHG members.

The aid for these two programmes of construction and renovation was procured from the Village Development Committee fund raised through sale of Karshikamela Coupons. The desired members have to forward the application request during the Village Development Committee meeting. Committee members select the applicant depending upon the underlying norms.