God has created every individual unique and with specific skills and capacities. KSSS focuses on empowering individuals and groups to explore their potentials and capacities in order to ensure their well-being along with enhancing a sense of community care.  KSSS recognizes the vital role that institutions play for the development of society, and therefore has initiated several programmes with the support of government and non-government organizations along with own resources.
a. Human Resource Development:
Training and Capacity Building Programmes for Staff

Training is provided to the Staff, Animators and other functionaries, as they are valued as the immediate functionaries who keep in touch with people for their development. The focus was to enhance their abilities to manage and facilitate activities in an effective manner for the development of the society.

1. Staff Refresher Training
2. Regional Meeting of Animators
3. Regional Coordinators meeting
4. Monthly planning, monitoring and evaluation meeting
5. Animators’ Meeting
6. Monthly training to Village Health workers
7. Weekly Case Review Meeting
8. Training to Village Units

Capacity-building Programmes for SHG members

1. SHG Leaders Training
2. SHG Sangamam
3. Federation Leaders training
4. Lead Farmers training
5. Entrepreneurship Development Programme
6. Skill training
7. Women Day celebrations
8. Federation Meeting

Department & Interventions

  • Agricultural Development and Animal Husbandry
  • Basic Amenities Development
  • Community Health And Rehabilitation Programmes
  • Disaster Management Progammes
  • Educational Support Programmes
  • Environment Management Programmes
  • Family Development Programmes
  • Human And Institutional Resource Development
  • Livelihood Development Programmes & Marketing
  • Micro Insurance
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Promotion of Appropriate Technologies
  • Research & Documentation
  • Special Projects