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Special Events

World Water Day

“Valuing Water”-Reduce and Re-use. On March 22nd, the Kottayam Social Service Society organized an event to observe World Water Day. Mar Mathew Moolakkat (Archbishop, Kottayam Archeparchy) inaugurated the event that was held at Chaithanya Pastoral Centre, Thellakom. In his address he stated that conserving sources of water was a social obligation and that everyone must make conscious efforts to preserve the natural resources for future generation as well as take steps to prevent water pollution. Smt. Lovely George (Chairperson, Ettumanoor Municipality) presided over the meeting. Smt. Rosamma Sony (Member, Kottayam Zilla Panchayat), Smt. Lissy Kurian (Municipal Councillor, Kottayam), Fr. Sunil Perumanoor (Executive Director, Kottayam Social Service Society), and Fr. Mathews Valiyaputhenpurayil ( Asst. Director, Kottayam Social Service Society) spoke at the event. Shri. Ramesh.P( Coordinator, Haritha Kerala Mission, Kottayam) conducted a seminar on ‘Tackling the Global Water Crisis through Water Conservation’ as part of the event. Distribution of pamphlets and undertaking of oaths to preserve water also took place at the event.

Women’s day Celebration

Kottayam Social Service Society, the social service wing of Kottayam Archdiocese organized a celebration of International Women’s Day followed Covid protocols. The program was kick started by the sack race and slow scooter race. The program which took place in the afternoon was the seminar on women empowerment was led by Prof. Rosamma Sony. The social gathering which followed was inaugurated by Smt. Nirmala Jimmy (President ,Kottayam Zilla Panchayth).In her inaugural address she stated that any advancement in the society must be aligned with safeguarding the rights of women. Mar Mathew Moolakkattu (Metropolitan Archbishop of Kottayam) who presided over the meeting stressed the significance of celebrating the achievements and contribution of women o the day. He also added that the power of resilience in women is unparalleled in the society. Mar Mathew Moolakatt also honoured the members of the Women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) for their selfless service in the fight against the pandemic. Smt.Arya Rajan (President, Ettumanoor Block Panchayth), Smt. Bincy Sebastian (Municipal Chairperson, Kottayam) Smt. Lovely George (Municipal Chairperson, Ettumanoor),Smt. Divya K.B(Development Manager ,Kottayam NABARD),Smt. Preethi Joseph (Asst. General Manager, Minority Development Cooperation,Kottayam),Sr.Karuna S.V.M(Mother General Sisters of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary,Kottayam),Miss Lissy John Mudakkodi(Directress General ,Caritas Secular Institute),Dr. Mercy John  Moolakkat (President, Knanaya Catholic Women’s Association),Smt. Alice Joseph (Vice-President ,Athirampuzha Gramapanchayth), Smt. Teena Anna Thomas (Principal, B.C.M College, Kottayam), Babitha.T. Jessil(Program Officer, KSSS) and Smt. Lissy Lukose (Women’s Self-help Group central Level Federation Secretary) spoke at the event. Fr. Sunil Perumanoor(Executive Director, Kottayam Social Service Society), and Fr Mathews Valiyaputhepurayil (Assistant Director, Kottayam Social Service Society) oversaw all the arrangements of the event.

A plan of action that illustrates the guidelines for all activities that KSSS would undertake to ensure the empowerment of women in the society was issued.   A fancy dress competition embodying the message of women empowerment was held as part of the event. The first and second prize for the slow-scooter race was bagged by Princy Thomas ( Kothanallor Panchayat, Kaduthuruthy Region) and Roofi Mathew (Sankranthi Panchayat, Edakkattu Region). Biji Binoy (Arunoottimangalam Panchayat, Kaduthuruthy Region) and Anumol V.S (Carithas Panchayat, Edakattu Region) came first and second respectively for the sack race which was organized as part of the celebration. A powerful flash-mob was also organized by students of the YUVA Keralam skill training program.

Ammathanalil Ethiri Naram” – Mother’s Day Observation

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of children. This year Kottayam Social Service Society observed Mother’s day on May 13 in honor of the glorious services ofmothers of differently-abled. Mrs. Beena Binu (Block Panchayth President. Ettumanoor) inaugurated the programme organized at Chaithanya Pastoral Centre, Thellakom and Mr. George Pullattu (Municipal Chairman, Ettumanoor) presided over the meeting. Mrs.Jainamma Stephen (Family Counsellor) led the session on the topic ‘Role of Mothers in the Rehabilitation of differenty-abled’. Mothers of differently-abled children from the operational areas of KSSS attended the programme. Cultural programmes and competitions added colour to the celebrations.

Observation of World Cancer Day

On the occasion of World Cancer Day (4th February) KSSS organized Ashakiranam Volunteers’ meeting. The event was organized in association with Caritas India at Chaithanya Pastoral Center, Thellakom and was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. SabuThomas (Vice Chancellor, M.G. University,Kottayam). Mar Joseph Pandaraserril (Auxiliary Bishop, Kottayam Archdiocese) presided over the function and Speeches were delivered by Fr. Sunil Perumanoor (Executive Director, KSSS) and Mr. Tojo M.Thomas (Enforcement RTO, Kottayam). A candle lighting ceremony was organized on the occasion. Financial aid was distributed to 45 cancer patients. Dr. Jose Joseph (Principal, Medical College, Kottayam) led the seminar in which over 250 volunteers from Kottayam, Idukki, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta and Ernakulam districts participated. Vegetable seeds were given to the participants. The Ashakiranam programme is a nationwide flagship programme being implemented by Caritas India to prevent the incidence of Cancer by various mechanisms like developing healthy food habits, encouraging organic farming, awareness programmes etc. and to bring solace to victims of cancer by extending financial assistance for treating cancer, counseling services etc.

Observation of National Cleaning Day

KSSS observes January 30, National Cleaning Day by coordinating around 60 of its volunteers to clean the premises of Kottayam Medical College. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Saji Thadathil (President, Ettumanoor Block Panchayath).

NAVOMI 2019 – Get-together of Navomi SHG members

Navomi group has been fostered by KSSS in its operational villages to empower women who have to deal single-handedly in raising the family. Therefore, Navomi group members form a special group of KSSS welfare activities. An annual get-together of Navomi group members was organized at Chaithanya Pastoral Centre. The event was organized with an aim to mitigate the stigma and enable the holistic development of widows. Mrs. Beena Binu (Block Panchayat President, Ettumanoor) inaugurated the programme.

Mrs.Grace Lal (Family Counsellor) led the seminar on the occasion. Pappaya chopping competition was conducted as an amusement activity. Vegetable seeds and grow bags were distributed to the Navomi group members as part of kitchen garden promotion. Around 300 members from Kottayam, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta and Idukki districts participated the programme


Tourism is the travel for recreation, leisure, a splendid time away from home. The Deafblind children and their families observed the World Tourism Day on 27th September, 2017. An excursion was arranged for the deafblind children to Vaikom Park. 37 deafblind children and their families participated in the tour programme. Sr. Nikhila SJC, Special Educator, KSSS gave a talk on ‘Importance of Tourism’. The children and the parents enjoyed the trip. This enhanced their potential through increased independence, productivity and integration into the community.

Elderly Day Celebration

It is up to our elders to predict the future, as they have lived the past and know what it takes to make the world stronger. As part of international day for older persons, Kottayam social service society celebrated it in a traditional way with an aim to raising awareness about issues affecting the elderly, such as senescence’s and elder abuse. It is also a day to appreciate the contributions that the older people make to our society.

The programme organised at Chaithanya Pastoral Centre was inaugurated by Shri. Suresh Kurup (MLA). It was presided by Adv. Mons Joseph (MLA), Fr. Sunil Perumanoor(Executive Executive Secretary, KSSS),  Zacharias Kuthiravelil   (Kottayam District Panchayath President), PV Michael (President Ettumanoor Block Panchayath) delivered speech on the importance of promoting the need to help today’s elderly population and to improve the lives of people who are aging and need additional assistance with keeping their lives healthy and positive. Seminar conducted as part of the program was led by Mr. Cyriac Chazhikkadan (Resource Person).

Our support for elderly can make a difference as the elderly have helped us in the past. It is up to us to help them out just as well. As part of entertaining them a competition was conducted – Sugarcane Eating competition and it was won by Mrs. Elykutty Paulose from Chunkom Region. Romantic couple dance was won by contestants from Kaipuzha region. Three hundred elderly people participated and were the highlight of the program.


It is said that books are a man’s best friend. Good reading habit is a boon for a person. There is nothing better than developing good reading habit. A person who develops good reading habit is more learned and wiser. National Reading Day is an annual event which celebrates and encourages reading by younger children. KSSS Edackat region observed the National reading Day at Kumarakom with a participation of 232 people. The programme was inaugurated by Shri. M.P. Salimon (President, Kumarakom Grama Panchayath). The inaugural session was presided over by Fr. James Ponganayil (GVS President, Kumarakom). The seminar on “Importance of Reading in today`s World” was taken by Prof. Philip Chacko (Retd. Asst. Professor, St. Stephen`s College, Uzhavoor). As part of the celebration reading competition was organized, which was won Ms. Sonia Balachandran (1st prize) of East Nattassery and Ms. Josna Rijo (2nd prize) of Charamangalam Village.

Earth Day Celebrations 2019

KSSS observed Earth Day on 22ndApril 2019 to spread the message of environment protection and significance of good stewardship. The programme was organized under the leadership of the SHG members of Mundar village, Kallara Panchayath. A. Suresh Kumar (Retd. Headmaster, Kallara Govt. HS) presided and Rev. Fr. Shaji Mukalel (GVS President, Kallara New) inaugurated the meeting. Fr. Shaji Mukalel, Mr. Suresh Kumar A. and Mr. Ashley Prakash led the input sessions on the topics of ‘Soil and Water Conservation’,  ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Biodiversity Conservation’ respectively. More than 500 people participated in the programmesthat offered a platform to ponder about the wide range of environmental issues and possible local solutions at the individual and community levels.

International Day of Forests

The United Nations General Assembly Proclaimed 21st March as ‘International Day of Forest’ with the aim to raise awareness about the significance of forest conservation. Forest conservation is the preservation and the protection of forests. It also involves the reversal of deforestation and environmental pollution.
KSSS observed International Day of Forests on 21st March, 2017 with the aim to increase the awareness about the contributions of forests in balance the life cycle on earth. The programme was observed in Chunkom region along with GVS members. Around 45 members attended the programme.

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